Anti-Pollution & Soothing Cream

Anti-Pollution & Soothing Cream


Rich in marine components, this cream moisturizes, strengthens and comforts sensitized skin significantly reducing redness, irritation, dryness and tension.


  • Soothing, reinforcing and protective cream

  • Provides a real feeling of well-being, from the application

  • Reduces redness, irritation and tension of the skin.

  • Softens comforts strengthens and nourishes the epidermis.

  • Rich in chamomile, almond oil, seawater and vitamin E.

  • High protection against external aggressive factors.

  • Saturates the skin with moisture and nutrients.

  • Restores the mineral balance of the skin.

  • Complete care covering all the basic needs of the skin.

  • The skin becomes softer, supple, refreshed and luminous.

  • Light melting texture with pleasant scent.

  • Can be used as a day or night cream.

  • Suitable for dry, sensitive. reactivate and dehydrated skin.


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