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Beauty Advisor Answers

The perfect lip colour!

Step One: Exfoliate

To ensure lips are smooth and soft, use the Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub to buff away dry, flaky skin. Made from the antioxidant Resveratrol and fruit acids rich in vitamin C, the 100% natural cherry-flavoured scrub exfoliates and helps to brighten lips over time while fighting free radicals and conditioning around the lip line.

Step two: Line and Prime

For long-lasting, even colour and feathering prevention, line the contour of the lips with Line & Define Lip Primer. It instantly preps, plumps, and primes the lips with a 100% natural formula containing the nourishing antioxidant Resveratrol, jojoba oil, and Argan oil.

Step Three: Colour

Using a lip brush or the bullet, apply chosen hue to the Cupid’s bow first, and then blend outward to fill in lips. For a modern matte look, choose the High Pigment Matte Pencil. For lush, moisture-rich colour, pick Luminous Crème Lipstick. For an ultra-glossy hue, go with Lush Lip Tint. All three options deliver long-lasting colour and the super-antioxidant Resveratrol, which fights free radicals with potent long-term anti-aging benefits.


I have normal skin but have acne scaring and prone to break outs but wouldn't say oily what can I use to help these problems? 


Hi without actually seeing your skin, it sounds like there could be a hormonal problem, which maybe systemic. For a good external result, I would recommend our Glycolic C kit. This contains: cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream, eye cream, and a micro dermabrasion scrub. Value being $254.90 We would start you on the Gentle Kit, and work up to the Active Kit once your skin is used to the products. Glycolic C dissolves the intra cellular bonds that hold the dead skin cells, giving you a newer, fresher skin on a daily basis. This will help both with congestion as well as improve the look of acne scarring. Let us know if you require any more information on the products and or your skin, as we are only too happy to help with any concerns you have.

Thank you for your inquiry- Nicole.


Hi everything I have tried on my skin, I seem to react to please help? – A.F


Without actually seeing your skin it is very difficult to comment, but we could send you a sample set of products to desensitize your skin which will then allow you to start using products accordingly. All of our products are natural and organic we have very few if any reactions to them.

Thank you for your inquiry- Nicole.