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Body Bliss

Feel like hibernating for a couple of hours? We’ve created Body Bliss, a head-to-toe treat to re-energise mind, body and spirit.

You’ll be steamed, exfoliated and massaged, and blissfully cocooned in your choice of Green Tea, Red Grape or Cocoa Fizz thermal body wrap. These wraps not only gently warm but also hydrate and detoxify, drawing out impurities and revitalising the skin.

Body Bliss is an eight-step getaway of non-stop pampering:

Step 1: Relaxing steam
Step 2: Back-of-body massage
Step 3: Invigorating body polish
Step 4: Thermal body wrap
Step 5: Scalp massage
Step 6: Foot massage
Step 7: Jetted shower
Step 8: Body contouring cream

Allow: 2 1/2 hours

Cost $195.00

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