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Body Buffing

For all-over smoothing and softness, our exfoliating body treatments are luxury, stimulation and skin resurfacing rolled into one.

Scrub up with the perfect complement to a massage, wrap, waxing treatment, before instant tanning, or simply for radiant, polished skin that is sheer body beautiful. Our treatments include:

Salt Awakening

Aromatic marine and mineral salts are beautifully blended and worked into the skin, removing dead cells and clearing impurities, all while stimulating circulation.

Refining Ritual

The smoothing properties of ground seeds and plants mixed with the nourishing goodness of oils make for a natural, invigorating treatment that richly moisturises as it purifies and refines 

All body exfoliation treatments end with a jetted shower.

(This includes Pre & Post Treatment Time.) 

Allow: 30 mins


Full body $45.00

 Back and arms $30.00

Legs    $20.00