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Body Wraps

If your body’s feeling tired, could do with a firm up and detox, or you’re just in need of a treat, our body wraps offer benefits that last well after you leave the treatment table.

Soak up the ambience and serenity as you relax, your body cocooned in a luxurious wrap. Each wrap takes about an hour and a-half, and ends with a full-body exfoliation, as well as a jetted shower. Enjoy a treatment on its own or, better still, schedule a massage, too, to maximise results.

Detox and Tone (target areas)

Tailored for those who are making healthy lifestyle changes to rid those extra kilos, our Express Slimmer stimulates the circulation and lymphatic system.

Drawing out toxins, it provides a kick-start when the body feels sluggish, and is a real "turbo treat” for helping smooth cellulite.

Allow: 45 minutes

Cost: $80.00


Devine Body Wrap

Lie back and indulge in our devine body wrap.

Using grape extract with potent anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties, this revolutionary wrap offers wide ranging benifits from smoothing and firming to hydration.  The Divine Body Wrap includes body buff and massage

For the ultimate in relaxation why not add on one of our Devine facials to have you pampered from top to toe.

Divine Body Wrap

Allow: 1 1/2 hours

Cost: $120.00

Divine Facial and Body Wrap

Allow: 2 1/4 hours

Cost: $200