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Calming Caress Facial
for sensitive skin

Developed especially for sensitive skins, our Calming Caress facial is gentle but intensive.

Following your skin analysis, your spa therapist will treat and balance sensitive areas, reducing redness and improving texture.

Using desensitising algae, Calming Caress features cleansing, toning, an eye treatment and exfoliation, and also specialised care customised to treat and calm your particular sensitivities.

Natural enzymes derived from tropical fruits are a cornerstone of this facial. Suitable for the most sensitive skin, even psoriasis, they work deep into the epidermis. Serums, moisturisers and masks hydrate and harmonise, promoting healing and relieving tightness and discomfort. Our "Triple C” treatment clarifies sensitive skin, while addressing couperose (redness) and capillaries.

Your spa therapist will also discuss your home skincare programme and advise on treatments and techniques to help keep your skin settled.

Allow: 55mins (This includes Pre & Post Treatment Time.) 

Cost $95.00

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