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Cherie's Story

Before being chosen as a finalist in the Beauty and Beyond Extreme Makeover, if you were to ask me: "What is your daily beauty regime”, my answer would be something like: "Oh please! If I cleanse tone and moisturise once a day I feel triumphant".

Monthly visits to various stores, pharmacies and supermarkets, and faced with a plethora of serums, creams and concoctions that promise unique anti-aging, smoothing, soothing, youthful properties, how was I to distinguish hype from truth? Which of these products would give me the results I seek?

Under the guidance of my skin care therapist Ilenie, my face was introduced to a series of six Gly C treatments backed up with a daily home care regime. While my vocabulary was injected with new words such as Microdermerbrasion, exfoliation, peptides and Glycolic Acid, so too was my skin being re-educated to feel fantastic and pampered to perfection.

All of this teamed up with a 'Wow factor' hair style by style queen Terry. I feel wonderful. The comments about my hair and how much younger I look, well what can I say other than 'Bring it on!' And besides, my hair looks chic and shiny; it feels smooth and I love it.

I was never one to show my hands and nails because I believed them to be ugly. That is until Nicky did her magic with a gorgeous French Biosculpture – and wow! What a difference.

I now feel confident that I have a skin care regime that suits my skin type and provides excellent results. I have a hairstyle I love and can manage daily with ease. My hands and nails are no longer hidden.

I have experienced a journey of discovery and transformation, an adjustment in lifestyle and I look forward to a future with Beauty and Beyond and Bodyvibes in it.

'Ma te huruhuru te manu, ka rere … with wings a bird will fly ...'

Thank you so much

Cherie Downs-Hakopa

Cherie's Treatments

Cherie's Treatment

  • Skin Analysis
  • Glycolic C facial treatments
  • Lip, and Chin waxing
  • Sunshine Essence Facials
  • Lashtint, browtint, and browshape
  • Eyelash extentions
  • Bio Sculpture French Overlay
  • Botox
  • Restylane (Fillers)
  • Great Length Hair Extentions
  • Hair Cut, colour, with Foils
  • SunFX Spraytan
  • Special Occasion Makeup