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Fiona's Story

Sitting at the lights waiting for them to change, my tape spat out and the radio came on – an ad for Beauty and Beyond and an Extreme Makeover they were running.

So I had to listen. These sort of things NEVER happen to me, but someone has to win, don't they? So I rushed home, took a couple of photos and rushed back before the deadline finished an hour later.

Imagine my surprise when I was given the call on live radio a week later to say I had won one of the four coveted places. That was the start of eight weeks’ work. Hard work in a lot of cases. The treatments at the clinic of IPL, to get rid of the red veins and scarring, the weekly enzyme peels to remove the dead skin layers to promote new cell growth and the nail Biosculpture were the easy part of things. What woman doesn't enjoy being pampered over?

The Botox treatments and dermal fillers were another story. Not painful but very trying if you're not a needle fan, and who really is? But the ultimate results are just amazing. I used to hide my sagging eyelids and crows feet behind big sunglasses year round, day and night. I put them down somewhere three weeks ago and, not that I need to hide behind them anymore, but they would be quite useful to find on sunny occasions.

We were all allowed access to the Bodyvibes Gym for the eight weeks as well. This was where the hard work started. After 14 years away from all my fitness regimes, it was a shock to the body to be putting itself through the different classes offered. Sandra and Colin were great there, too, as were all the instructors.

Thinking I'd started with some easy classes of body balance and weight training soon taught me there's no such thing as an easy out in fitness. Five to seven classes a week paid off in the end though with a 2.5kg loss in weight, 2.5% loss in body fat and 2 dress sizes smaller.

And the results are amazing. Will definitely be keeping up with that part of the makeover. Looking good is one thing ... feeling great is a whole other thing.

All up, this venture for me has been a fantastic experience … it is definitely something I can continue to build on and work with. The girls at the clinic are all "superbulous”. They know exactly what to suggest for what is right for you. They have all become part of my friendship circle, and I look forward to each visit I make in there, even if it is just to catch up.

Nicole certainly has put together a wonderful opportunity for everyone, not just women (as was seen by Mayor Tim's transformation). She favours a fabulous charity and is an inspirational Fairy God Mother to all of the Cinderellas she has helped through this makeover journey.

Thanks to you all.


Fiona's Treatment

  • Skin Analysis
  • Ipl capillarie treatments
  • Enzyme treatments
  • Bio Sculpture French Overlay
  • Lashtint, Browtint, and Browshape
  • Botox
  • Restylane (Fillers)
  • SunFX spraytan
  • Special Occasion Makeup
  • Hair Cut, Colour, with Foils