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Fruity Facial

A fabulous facial pick-me-up when time’s tight but you want to keep your skin looking radiant and blemish-free.

With fruit highly-potent anti-oxidant qualities as a base, your spa therapist will specially select the right combination of pure essential oils and plant extracts to complement your skin type.

Revitalising and balancing, this powerful, but gentle, treatment works from the depths of the skin to the surface, clearing dead cells, as well as detoxifying, nourishing and restoring the skin’s harmony.

We welcome you to arrive early and enjoy a refreshing, cleansing green tea in our lounge area. While you’re relaxing, take a look at our facial kits – with this package you can keep your skin’s "herbal high” going at home.

Allow: 40 minutes (This includes Pre & Post Treatment Time.) 

Cost $69.00

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