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Using centuries-old Swedish Massage techniques, your experience provides both physical and psychological rewards, relaxing mind and body.

Circulation improves, energy levels increase and tired muscles become more mobile as the tension is kneaded away. Your nerves are soothed and the body’s systems stimulated.

Whether incorporated with other treatments, or enjoyed on its own, a massage isn’t just a treat – it is an important tool in boosting your general well-being, where the power of touch, beautiful aromatherapy oils and a peaceful setting combine to dissolve tension and deeply relax.

Theraputic/Deep tissue massage available by appointment

Depending on your needs, we offer customised massages for:

Hot Stone Massage

A delicious sensory mix of healing hands, beautiful oils and hot basalt lava stones help to alleviate physical and emotional stress.

A must for any massage addict, this is the perfect "time out” for men and women looking to relieve aches, pains and tension.

Allow: 1 ¼ hours

Cost: $125.00

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Pregnancy Massage

A gentle but effective boost during all stages of pregnancy, our Pregnancy massage is a soothing escape that centres on target areas of your choice.

Using preganancy-friendly techniques and products, tired legs are brought back to life with an exfoliation treatment before a full-leg and foot massage boosts circulation and releases tension.

Allow: 45 minutes

Cost: $75.00

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Target area (Back and Neck) Massage

Allow: 30 Minutes

Cost $55.00

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Front of or Back of Body Massage

Allow: 45 minutes

Cost $75.00

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Full Body Massage

Allow: 1 hour

Cost $95.00

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1 & 1/2 hour Full Body Massage

Allow: 1 & 1/2 hour massage

Cost: $140