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Men's Body Care

Body Blast

Settle back for the ultimate in relaxation.

With a refreshment in hand, begin with a relaxing steam treatment to remineralise, invigorate and shed your stress.

Then step out for a full-body massage to knead out the knots, boost circulation and provide top-to-toe re-energising before a body scrub stimulates and polishes the skin.

Finally, take a little time for a powerful jetted shower … and enjoy that post-Body Blast bliss.

Allow: 100 minutes (This includes Pre & Post Treatment Time.) 

Cost $175.00

Scrub Up

Created for the busy bloke who needs a pep-up, Scrub Up is an all-over body blitz.

A facial exfoliation helps lift ingrown hairs and reduces shaving irritation. Work out that tension with a body massage and then enjoy a body scrub that targets problem areas, purifying and smoothing along the way. With an invigorating shower under jets to finish, you’ll be re-energised and ready to go.

Allow: 75minutes (This includes Pre & Post Treatment Time.) 

Cost $150.00

Back Stroke

Perfect to slot into a lunch break or for a weekend pick-me-up, Back Stroke focuses on the back and shoulders.

This deep cleansing treatment relaxes and clarifies those hard to reach places. A thorough exfoliation, followed by a stress-breaking massage and customised mask leaves your back fresh and revitalised – and the mind just that bit clearer.

Allow: 55 minutes (This includes Pre & Post Treatment Time.) 

Cost $95.00

"Every man needs a little time out"