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Our Spa Area

Ancient philosophies and modern research show water therapy can prevent illness and ease mental stress by detoxifying and toning your body, while increasing its metabolic rate.

Whether or not you’re having other beauty treatments, our spa area will be your private haven of luxury to enjoy on your own or with company. You will discover a sanctuary of well-being, a special place to indulge your senses, harmonising mind and body.

Geisha tubs

Therapeutic, yet sensual, relax and soak in a tub infused with your choice of oils, algae and milks, to nourish, exfoliate and remineralise your skin. Stress simply soaks away.

Steam room

Warm, moist heat boosts blood circulation and the lymphatic system, helping eliminate toxins in the body’s tissue. Your skin will feel moisturised and purified, your mind and body sublime.