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Permanent Make Up

Imagine being able to walk out the door every morning with perfect, flawless make up that requires not even a second of your time to apply. Not only is it convenient, but you are able to look fabulous all day without having to reapply your make up once. 

Application is by way of a specialised tattooing process which implants pigment into the skin to create long-term shape and colour. Its there when you wake up, after shower, exercise or rub your face.

Permanent make up is ideal for anyone who:

  • Is currently using eyebrow and eyeliner pencils or powder.
  • Suffer from allergies to conventional cosmetics.
  • Fitness enthusiasts who want to look good whilst exercising.
  • Find it difficult to apply make up due to poor eyesight or unsteady hands.
  • Want to recreate and areola.
  • Has total or partial alopecia.


Eyebrows provide a framework for the face, by having well placed permanent brows this will enhance the shape and balance of your face.

The correct shape, position and colour willliterally take years off your face. Available in natural soft block colour or hair strokes, this procedure is particularly ideal for:

  • People with light, uneven or non-existent eyebrows.
  • Anyone who currently uses and eyebrow pencil or powder.
  • Anyone who has lost their eyebrows for example due to alopecia.
  • Aging eyebrows.


The eyes are the most compelling part of the face. Enhance the shape of your eyes with a permanent upper and/or lower eyeliner. Whether you are after something natural to simply define your eyes or a more dramatic look. Permanent cosmetics are the perfect solution. Available in a range of shades, this procedure is ideal for:

  • Making your eyes look more expressive.
  • Darkening and emphasising the lash line.
  • Improving the appearance of eyes.

Areola Repigmentation

Areola repigmentation improves both appearance and self-esteem in both men and women who have undergone any type of brerast surgery or want to enhance their  natural shape and colour. Areola repigmentation can recreate a natural looking areola and nipple which plays a key role in the aesthetic look of the breast.

Permanent make up is a higly specialised service for the eyebrows and eyeliner.

Depending on your skin type, amount of sun exposure and certain skincare services and products, the pigment should last from 2-5 years untouched. The exception being blonde or very light coloured hair strokes, this procedure will last only 1-2 years. We use excellent numbing topical products to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. 

Prices include and adjustment treatment if needed at eight weeks or within three months. After three months and adjustments will incur a minimum charge of $100 unless prior arrangement has been made.

Permanent Make Up: (prices include follow up treatment)

Upper Liner                           $270

Lower Liner                           $270

Upper and Lower Liner        $450

Eyebrows                               $395

Areola Repigmentation        $450 per breast


Freshen Up:

Freshen Eyebrows                  $200

Freshen Lash enhancement   $200

Freshen Upper Liner               $150

Freshen Lower Eyeliner          $150


To keep your permanent make up looking great, it is recommended that you have a 'freshen up' of your colour every 18 months.