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$129.90 Clear Skin Anti Blemish Kit La Clinica Clear Skin Anti Blemish Kit offers the solution everyone deserves with clearer, smoother, blemish free skin. Use clear skin products daily to remove blackheads, oiliness and break-outs suffered from acne prone skin.
This kit contains … Read More »
$34.90 Facial Wash 200mL A foaming facial wash gel cleanser. Cleanses thoroughly without "stripping” the skin. Formulated with Allantoin, which along with being an anti-irritant, soothes, heals and hydrates the skin. Formulated for normal to oily skin types. Ideal for … Read More »
$55.90 Exfoliating Scrub and Mask 100mL The active ingredients to help clear skin prone to breakouts and acne. Use weekly to help clear and smooth the texture of your skin and reduce incidence of breakouts, blemishes and acne.  
3 in 1 Action- Multifunctional
1. Exfoliates away dead skin … Read More »
$58.90 Anti Blemish Toner 200mL Clear skin toner helps to balance oil production and secretions with a powerful combination of blemish fighting ingredients resulting in clearer, fresher, confident skin. … Read More »
$42.90 Intensive Oil Control Cream 50mL Fight pimples, break-outs and blemishes with this active formula that helps control oiliness whilst keeping skin soft and hydrated. Even oily/acne skin conditions need a protective moisture barrier throughout the day and night to protect the skin’s … Read More »
$42.90 Clear Skin Intensive Spot Serum 50mL This serum is 100% Natural. A light, readily absorbed formulation to help in the battle against blemishes, pimples and breakouts.   … Read More »
$34.90 Clear Skin Multi Fruit Acid Serum 50mL A light serum to help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and uneven skin. Helps in the prevention of blackheads and other skin blockages, also helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles.   … Read More »
Showing 7 of 7 Products (Page 1 of 1)