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Bestow Beauty Powder 300 grams

Bestow Beauty Powder 300 grams




Bestow Beauty Powder is a delicious, beautifying, blend of flaxseed fibre, kelp, spirulina, wheatgrass, alfalfa, coconut, blackcurrant extract and pumpkin flour, designed to bestow health and radiance to your skin.

Rich in minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, this super-nourishing powder is a source of all the nutritional building blocks your body needs to produce good quality collagen and elastin(your skin's natural anti-ageing fibres).

Bestow Beauty Powder contains all of the key vitamins that support the proper functioning of the skin. Together with Bestow Beauty Oil, it can help support and strengthen the protective film of the skin.

And with a mild, slightly sweet flavour, it tastes as beautiful as your skin will look and feel.

Directions for use: 

Adults: We recommend one tablespoon per day with food. Children under 6: one dessertspoon per day. Blend into your favourite yoghurt, juice, smoothie, or shake, or sprinkle lightly onto food such as cereal, stirfries and soups.

Note: Because Bestow Beauty Powder is high in flaxseed fibre, please ensure you drink adequate fluids when taking it. While the photo-estrogens in flaxseed fibre can offer health benefitsto most women, We recommend consulting your health care professional before taking during pregnancy.