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Brow Styler Deep Brunette

Brow Styler Deep Brunette


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Style your brows effortlessly with our super fine brow pencil for precision and definition.

Product Information:


A super fine, precision pencil that defines, sculpts and fills, for fuller, natural-looking brows. Blendable seamless finish, offering up to 10 hours of wear. Retractable pencil creates super fine hair like strokes for the most natural finish ever.


Super fine pencil ideal for styling and filling in gaps, mimics hair like strokes.

Key Instructions:

Vitamins C & E Action: Powerful antioxidants protection and condition brows Benefit: Brows are nurtured and protected

Application Tips:

Following the natural shape of your brows apply pencil in hair like strokes in an outwards motion. Blend with spoolie end for natural finish.