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Global Anti-Aging

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$129.90 Redensifying & Plumping Serum Appearance and Properties
A milky white cream with saton texture. With a ppwdery citrus fragrance. Satisfies even the most demanding skin. A concentrated and targeted action on wrinkles, loss of density and cell regeneration. 
Key Anti-Aging ingred … Read More »
$95.90 Plumping Eye & Lip Contour Balm Algology Plumping Eye & Lips Contour Balm is an intensive anti-aging formula that softens the skin around the eyes. The cream, which is wonderfully soft and creamy to the touch, fills up wrinkles and restores the lip contour.
The Algo4 complex w … Read More »
$149.90 Redensifying & Plumping Cream Algologie Global Redensifying Plumping Cream is a rich soft cream.   Quickly absorbed, releasing skin without even a trace of oiliness. Volumes become captured, lips are filled out and the appearance of peripheral fine lines and wrinkl … Read More »
$109.90 Redensifying & Plumping Mask Global Anti Ageing Redensifying & Plumping Mask Algo 4 Complex, is a rich velvety cream mask with a soft and gentle fragrance.  Does not dry or harden. Not only does it comfort and nourish face and neck but it’s very deeply moisturizing and … Read More »
Showing 4 of 4 Products (Page 1 of 1)