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Revitalising Hydro Protecting Cream

Revitalising Hydro Protecting Cream


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Algologie marine garden revitalising hydro- protecting cream - This is a fairly rich luscious cream which contains of

course the Algo 4 Complex. But also many more very valuable and natural active ingredients for simply lovelier

younger looking skin. A truly comprehensive moisturizer.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Algo 4 Complex with 4 Seaweeds: To protect, oxygenate, nourish and

stimulate skin. Gulf Stream Seawater: For extreme hydration every time the cream is applied.

Marine Algae Expolysaccharides:To strengthen the hydrolipid film.
ShEA Butter: Intensive nourishment.
Vitamin E: Powerful anti-oxidant
Diatom Extract: Actually detoxifies the cells and prevents natural and sun induced ageing.

HOW TO USE: Apply once or twice daily during your skincare routine.

 50ML Jar