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St Tropez Tan Applicator

St Tropez Tan Applicator


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This soft spongy tan application mitt is perfect for evenly distributing your tanning lotion, gel or mousse onto the skin in order to get perfect streak-free results.

If you hate the usual hand staining that is associated with self tanning, this mitt will help you, its water-resistant barrier will ensure there is no staining to the palms.


•Remove the Application Mitt from its packaging

•Place the Application Mitt on your hand

•Pump your tanning solution on to the mitt, whether it is a lotion, mousse or gel.

•Apply your tan

•Alternatively, if you are using a spray, gently smooth over with the Application Mitt afterwards to avoid patchiness. 

•Clean the mitt by soaking it in soapy water, rinsing it and leaving to dry.