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Baby Botanical Gift Set

Baby Botanical Gift Set


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Kit Includes: 

Bathtime Wash 120ml
Body Lotion 120ml
Massage Oil 120ml
Soothing Balm 90gm

This Botanical Bath Wash is perfect for babies and infants. Its gentle formula keeps the skin smooth and protected.Baby’s compromised skin barrier allows allergens, irritants and other unwanted agents to penetrate the skin, leading to aggravation of symptoms. Exposure over time, especially in the nappy region, and skin folds, leads to critical skin barrier breakdown, causing discomfort, irritation and infection.Surmanti Botanical Bath Wash also helps to keep baby’s delicate skin free of unwanted irritants, bodily fluids, faecal enzymes and microbial pathogens.This all-natural soap alternative is not a “tear-free” formula, so please be careful not to get it into baby’s eyes.