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Rose Vanilla Massage Eco Soya Candle

Rose Vanilla Massage Eco Soya Candle


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Fresh, true to nature rose petals with warm, creamy vanilla undertones.

We start with good old fashioned earth grown soybeans to create our environmentally friendly long burning candles.

Light a flame to set the mood within minutes any room will be transformed. Beautifully packaged in hand made black glass carefully designed to give off just the right amount of cosy light.

Has well over 50 hours burn time. They burn cleaner, don't emit petroleum toxins and lasts an average of 3 times longer than paraffin wax. Are 100% vegetable made with pure soybean and botanical oils. Are all natural biodegradable and kosher certified. Are FREE of petroleum paraffin or beeswax products. Are FREE of pesticides herbicides toxic material and genetically modified material. Are clean burning. No more nasty chemicals in the air you breathe. Are NOT tested on animals. Are made and handcrafted in New Zealand.