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$38.00 Water Wax 03 50mL Separate and define with clean, flexible control and brilliant shine. … Read More »
$33.00 Powder Grip 03 7g Redken’s first-ever hair powder transforms hair’s surface, creating a matte finish with amazing texture and fullness. The advanced formula is highly concentrated, so only a small amount is needed for stunning results. Shake it on to add incred … Read More »
$38.00 Rewind 06 142g Twist, shape and texturize hair into changeable styles. Pliable fiber network provides a "web of support" for creating strong shapes that have on-going flexibility for instant replay. … Read More »
$38.00 Wax Blast 10 124g Add body and dimension with a choppy, satin-matte finish. Featuring an advanced, lightweight formula and high-tech delivery system. … Read More »
$38.00 Rough Paste 12 75mL Rough up hair with ragged texture and moveable, lasting separation. Molds and shapes strong, directional styles with flexible control--stays pliable so you can rework styles. … Read More »
$38.00 Rough Clay 20 142g Create chunky, defiant definition and intense matte texture for truly "rough" styles. Features Redken’s exclusive Bonding System for long-lasting control and humidity resistance without flaking, stickiness or build-up. … Read More »
Showing 6 of 6 Products (Page 1 of 1)