Vitamin C Radiance Skin Oil

Vitamin C Radiance Skin Oil



A nourishing skin oil enriched with Vitamin C, Rose Hip Oil, Calendula and Vitamin E, for immediate radiance. 

Vitamin C boots collagen production and reduces inflammation. It can also help increase the effectiveness of your skin's natural defences. Via its powerful anti-oxidant activity, Vitamin C can help to reduce photoageing. 

Use this oil nightly over face and decolletage. 


Can be applied on pigmentation, skin discolouration, fine lines and sun damaged skin.

Use on scars, acne, problem skin, dryness and wrinkles.

This Vitamin C Oil nourishes, adds hydration and radiance to skin. 

Benefits: Being lipid (fat) soluble, this Vitamin C has the advantage of penetrating the skin and deliver antioxidants faster than water soluble forms of Vitamin C
- Enhances collagen production
- Powerful anti-oxidant
- Soothes and repairs irritated / inflamed skin while providing hydrating benefits
- A rich, natural plant oil base. 

NO artificial oils, NO mineral oils, NO artificial fragrances. Will not clog pores. 

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