Vitamin & Enzymes Rehydrating Treatment Mask

Vitamin & Enzymes Rehydrating Treatment Mask


A multi-task mask to add luminousity and hydration to skin. 

The fruit enzymes of papain and bromelain help to gently soften skin, promoting exfoliation and increased cellular renewal. The Vitamin C nourishes skin for a healthy glow and a younger looking complexion. 

1. Skin Softening Enzymatic action helps soften and remove dead skin cells and impurities that clog the skin. 

2. Hydrating Replenishes hydration for a moistened, skin-plumping effect. 

3. Skin Radiance Restores youthful softness and a radiant glow to skin. 

Suitable for all skin types, all ages. 

For an intensive hydration boost, sleep with this facial mask on.

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