Gradual Tan Classic Light/ Medium

Gradual Tan Classic Light/ Medium


Daily Body Lotion for an even streak-free natural glow that hydrates for up to 48 hours.

this easy to apply lotion is comfortable to wear all day and simply glides on to skin leaving it feeling instantly smooth. Our innovative Hydra glow Complex gradually builds a natural looking streak-free, healthy glow suitable for all skin tones and is clinically proven to hydrate for up to 48 hours. Apply as required to build a depth of tan that you desire.

Rules : For the perfect sunless tan Apply daily to clean, dry skin an upward circular motion, ensuring all areas are covered and lightly glide excess tan over the hands and feet. Wait until touch dry before getting dressed. Wash palms of hands after application. Ton maintain tan, exfoliate regularly using St.Tropez body Polish.

Do’s And Don’ts: Carry out a patch text 24 hours prior to use. Do not apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Stop using if your skin becomes irritated. Wash palms after use. Gradual tan may stain. Do not get get in eyes, if you do rinse well with water.

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