Eye Definers

Enhancing the eyes is an easy, quick and effective boost to anyone’s look, giving the whole face a lift.


Designer Eyes

Keep the eye area well maintained and radiant with Designer Eyes, the ideal regular treat that focuses on eye enhancement.

Eyebrows are shaped and then tinted, eyelashes enhanced with your choice of colour. The treatment ends with a herbal hair retardant and cooling eye balm.

Allow: 30 minutes

Cost $58.00

Micropigmentation - Permanent Make up 

(Price includes Follow up treatment)

Upper and Lower Liner: Cost $450.00

Eyebrows: Cost $395.00

Upper Liner: Cost $270.00

Lower Liner: Cost $270.00

Eye Enhancements

Eyebrow shape (Allow 15 minutes)

Cost $26.00

Eyebrow Tint (Allow 15 Minutes)

Cost $20.00 

Eyelash Tint (Allow 30 Minutes)

Cost $32.00

Eyebrow Shape and Tint (Allow 15 Minutes)

Cost $39.00

Eyelash tint and Eyebrow Tint (Allow 30 minutes)

Cost $44

Eyebrow Shape and Eyelash Tint (Allow 30 minutes)

Cost $52.00

Cluster Eyelash Extensions (Allow 30 minutes)

Cost $60.00

Graft a Lash Extentions (Allow 2 hours)

Cost $100.00

Fortnightly Maintenance Lash Tidy (Allow 45 minutes)

Cost $65.00

Lash Lift (Allow 30 minutes)

Cost $55.00

Lash Lift and Tint, Brow Shape (Allow 1 hour)

Cost $88.00

Henna Brows and Browshape (Allow 30 minutes)

Cost 50.00

Henna Brows, Browshape and Eyelash tint (Allow 45minutes)

Cost $75.00