Heaven on Earth


A Heavenly day in our spa using natural elements of the Earth…. You can choose to either float in raw epsom salts on a floatation journey…..


Submerge yourself in a tub infused with natural flowers, milks, and salts followed by a soothing steam and detoxifying muds.

Retire to our private lounge area for a light lunch and refreshment to settle you in for the rest of your heavenly journey, and choose your favourite oil for the next element……..Stones.

A delicious sensory mix of healing hands, beautiful oils and hot basalt lava stones help to alleviate physical and emotional stress through nurturing massage.

Using NATURAL plants of the earth, your ORGANIC facial is designed to then restore and nourish. This exquisite facial will leave your skin silky smooth, and balanced, firmer, and deeply hydrated, while wrinkles are softened and fine lines are erased. LUXURIOUS and RELAXING but EFFECTIVE. The eye area receives special attention, too, with an intense hydration treatment, eyelash tint, as well as eyebrow shape.

Hands and Feet come next on the pampering list, with a beautiful Spa Manicure and Pedicure. Nails are buffed and shaped, skin softened and enriched with NATURAL bespoke hand and foot products, followed by a perfect polish.

For the finishing touches, our professional stylist will wash and style your hair, before our makeup artist ensures your revitalized face looks nothing short of gorgeous!

6.5 Hours $500.00

(Please note a 20% deposit is required when booking)