Spray Tanning


Get a Beautiful Glow all year long when you discover the right tan for you…

Leg Bronzing $35.00

Upper Body: $35.00

Full Body Bronzing: $55.00

Prepare for your Spray tan to ensure longer lasting benefits.

Step 1# Exfoliate skin 8-24 hours prior to tan, with extra attention to elbows, knees, and ankles.

Step2# Shave, wax or use hair removal creams the day before your tan.

Step3# Ensure your entire body is free from all deodorants, perfumes, oils , and body creams as these will cause a barrier against your spray tan.

Step4# Wear dark coloured loose clothing once you bronzer is applied to avoid any marks from forming whilst your tan is processing. Jandels are a good idea to slip on, and bring an umbrella if rain is predicted.

An after care information sheet will be given to you upon departure.